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The ‹Fanari› birth

The idea for the creation of the ‹Fanari› emerged from the poet’s verse “The Greeks are a race as old as the world” (Vassilis Michaelidis, The 9th of July 1821 in Nicosia, Cyprus, 18). In order for a people not to be lost, its traditions must not be lost, and in order for this not to happen, someone must preserve them and make them known to the world as much as possible.

An excellent part of the Greek tradition is the music of our Church, given that in its hymns are preserved both the ancient Greek language in its two forms, the classical of Atticism and the Hellenistic New Testament Greek, and the ancient Greek rhythmic and musical tradition of spondee hymns and musical modes.

It is therefore with modest pride that the corpus of the musical services of our Church is handed over to the ends of the earth for the first time, and even according to the chanting tradition of Constantinople, which has always been the treasury of the notorious yphos (“style”).

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